Interesting places around

Village Chýše

Only about 4 km from our farm is the village Chýše with a newly reconstructed castle and castle brewery. In the castle in Chýše used to live for a short part of his life an educator and writer Karel Čapek. His stay is reflected in several of his works. Today the part of the exhibition is devoted to him.. The castle with a large castle garden is now a popular tourist destination, but also a place for wedding ceremony.

Natural park Horní Střela

Our farm is located in the national park. Park is located in geomorphological rugged, mostly wooded, hilly terrain Rabštejn and Žihel furrows.

Includes deep valley of the river Střela, its tributaries and a large forest between Žihle forest and Kaneš hill (633 m asl). In the park are also important cultural-historical monuments. This is particularly the smallest town in the Czech Republic - Rabštejn nad Střelou from 1269 which together the castle and former monastery completes the landscape of the Natural Park.

The whole area is widely used for tourism and recreation - for visitors in the area was established educational trail.

U Báby ? U lomu

Just a short walk from our farm is a popular tourist area of natural sights U Báby ? U lomu.

This protected area is the oldest in the region, it was declared in 1933. The protected area consists two small separate areas. On the territory known as U Baby are located two large granite boulders, named Bába and Old Man. The second area is situated about one kilometer from the first area and consists group of smaller granite boulders forming the rock city. Not only in the field of natural monuments are boulders, other smaller boulders we can find in the woods west of the village Žihle. West of the natural monument is also interesting formation and rocking stone. Around above boulders leading from Žihle leads yellow turist sign , to those places we can take the bike path called the The region of balanced rocks..

Rabštejn nad Střelou

The smallest town in the Czech Republic but also in Europe - Rabštejn nad Střelou is surrounded by woods, away from the main current paths on the edge of Pilsen, Karlovy Vary, Central and Ústí Region. There are many sights – the castle ruins, baroque castle, the folk houses and stone bridge.

The town Rabštejn is located 7.5 km from Manětín, on the right bank of the river Střela on a promontory bordered by steep slopes in the middle of the National Park Horní Střela . The dominant feature of the town is the baroque castle ruins of a Gothic castle from the 14th century, fortifications and a monastery adjacent with the church of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows.